Q23 – Should I cover my face at work?

Yes.  Starting Monday, May 11th, we must all wear face coverings at Mercury to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.   

Many cities and states, including Massachusetts, have passed executive orders requiring face coverings in public places where social distancing is not possible.  While the Massachusetts order does not technically apply to Mercury (because we are private property and not open to the general public), we are choosing to adopt the Massachusetts guidelines for wearing face coverings. 

Here are the guidelines for covering your face while at Mercury: 

  • A mask or cloth face covering must be worn at all times, except if you are alone in a “Solo Zone” 
  • A “Solo Zone” is a defined location that is: 
    • Clearly identified with visual markings 
    • Positioned to maintain proper social distance (using spacing or barriers) 
  • Not in a solo zone? … Cover up! 

Additional information about cloth face coverings is available from the CDC:

  • General CDC information on cloth face coverings can be found here
  • CDC guidelines for using (and making) cloth face coverings can be found here
  • CDC frequently asked questions about cloth face coverings are here

If you need help finding a face covering that works for you, talk with your value stream champion.

IMPORTANT: Using a cloth face covering does NOT reduce the need for hand washing, cleaning and maintaining social distance