Q27 – With the temporary change in the weekly schedule, will I get paid for the 8 hours that I lost?

Yes.  Every team member will receive an additional 8 hours per week of paid earned time.  Here are the details of the program: 

  • An extra 8 hours will be added to your available earned time each week 
  • The hours will be paid at your regular hourly rate 
  • The 8 hours must be used in the week they are received.  (The hours cannot be saved for a later time) 
  • The hours are in addition to existing vacation, earned time or other leave 
  • You may use the 8 hours each week in combination with other types of hours or leave.  (e.g. regular hours worked, vacation, COVID paid leave, extended FMLA, etc.) 
  • Mercury‚Äôs overtime policy does not change.  Overtime is paid after 40 hours worked 
  • The program starts for the work week of April 27th and we expect it to run for approximately 6 weeks.  Please note that the actual duration could change depending on business conditions 

Mercury continues to monitor the changing conditions around the COVID 19 pandemic.  It remains our goal to provide information about available options so that we can all make the best decisions under challenging circumstances