Q29 – What are the specific details of Mercury’s WorkShare program?

Below are some of the key details of the program: 

  • The Mercury WorkShare program will begin on June 8th
  • Eligibility for unemployment benefits will begin one week after the start of the program 
  • The work hours for all team members will stay at 32 hours/week 
  • Team members will keep their current employment status with Mercury 
  • Team members will continue to have access to all eligible Mercury benefits 
  • Mercury will be open 5 days/week (Monday through Friday) 
  • The value stream teams will determine the best work schedules that allow us to meet customer needs while maintaining the 32 hours/week for every team member 
  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that we all follow the 32 hours/week schedule: 
    • If you work less than 32 hours (and don’t use vacation or earned time) you may not be eligible for benefits that week 
    • If you work more than 32 hours, the entire plan could be disqualified, and all team members will lose benefits 
  • Every week, Mercury must provide the state with actual work hours for every team member 
  • Every week, team members must provide (to Mercury) information on any paid work they did for any employer other than Mercury 
  • Every week, team members must certify they are part of a WorkShare program and are eligible for unemployment benefits, including the $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation. 
  • Mercury will help each team member enroll with the state for unemployment benefits.  (Important:  Please do NOT enroll for unemployment benefits until you are notified.  If you enroll before the WorkShare program starts, it could delay your benefits

We will adjust the program as needed to ensure that it remains effective for team members, Mercury and our customers.