About Us

Your Journey Starts Here

Mercury Wire exclusively develops custom cable and electronic assembly solutions for customers across a variety of industries and markets worldwide. Our manufacturing facility is conveniently located in central Massachusetts with easy access to major roadways and points of export.  Since our humble beginnings in a garage over half a century ago, we continue to operate under the belief that there are always opportunities to improve how we deliver value to our customers.

As a family-owned and operated company, Mercury Wire can dynamically align both its structure and processes to meet your specific needs. This flexibility allows us to maximize the value we add and help reduce unnecessary waste by optimizing both manufacturing processes and layout to help ensure you receive the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. Our long-term, holistic view in building mutually beneficial relationships starts with you. We thoroughly research the challenges you’re trying to overcome – going beyond a list of product specifications to fully understand your unique opportunities and business goals. Together, we create a vision for a comprehensive solution that suits your needs and moves your business forward.

Saving Humanity from Business as UsualSM

Our evolution from a traditional manufacturing company to a learning organization is built on innovation, lean business strategies, and empowerment. At Mercury Wire, everyone has a direct impact on the creation of value and the success of our organization. This not only results in higher quality products and services, but also creates an enriched work environment that advances our mission to create greater value with greater velocity by enabling a people-centric culture based on mutual respect, curiosity, and continuous learning.

Mercury Wire also recognizes its role as global citizens and strives to enhance the value we create within our surrounding community through increased emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability. Through the Mercury Wire Foundation, we support numerous endeavors with particular focus on those that empower people through learning and personal growth.

Mercury Wire’s future plans include continuing to develop our lean business strategies, building relationships with customers old and new, and growing our unique, team-based learning culture. When the focus is on continuous improvement, the journey never ends.