It starts with understanding your specific needs

The delivery of custom-designed, highly engineered cables and interconnect assemblies starts with you. We thoroughly research the problem you’re trying to solve going beyond a list of product specifications to analyze and fully understand your application and business goals. Together, we create a vision for a comprehensive solution that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We then design, engineer, and prototype custom solutions for you

There are no off-the-shelf solutions at Mercury Wire. Our team designs the best product and services to meet your precise requirements. We fine-tune multiple iterations giving every detail the consideration it deserves so that your solution is created the right way. The result is a higher quality product engineered specifically for your application.

Lean operations mean fast turnarounds and higher quality

We work collaboratively in an ultra-responsive, short-run wire manufacturing operation with rapid prototyping capabilities. Our process allows us to continuously identify, adapt, and implement improvements quickly. Our systems and our team’s flexibility ensure customized high-value development programs.

Dedicated customer teams enrich our process

Working with Mercury Wire means you get a dedicated team, built for you, with all the right resources to deliver the value and speed you require. Our teams work holistically to continually improve all aspects of the value stream- not just the product.

We’re a fully integrated operation

Mercury Wire manages every phase of your project from initial development, through prototyping and production of custom cables and ready to install assemblies. It’s just another way of giving you the highest value and best quality. Our industry-leading manufacturing and engineering capabilities coupled with our knowledgeable and responsive customer service make partnering with us an easy business decision.