Wire and Cable Solutions Designed Just For You

From the selection of the appropriate wire gauge to the thickness and material used for the outer jacket, aligning the design of your cable with your specific application needs is a critical factor in helping to develop the precise solution that is right for you. 

Our experience spans across an array of industries and applications including Industrial, Medical, Communications and Underwater Systems. Whether you are looking for a specific wire and cable construction or seeking an integrated partner to support your organizational goals, our team of experts is available to help you find your custom solution. Our process aligns your wire and cable construction with precise application needs so that you never have to compromise on neither performance nor reliability.

Engineering and Prototyping

  • Concept Exploration
  • Design Services
  • Materials Selection
  • Alternative Material R&D
  • Production Planning
  • More…

Cable Production

  • Extrusion
  • Striping and Marking
  • Twisting and Cabling
  • Braiding and Shielding
  • Jacketing
  • More…

Assembly Production

  • Cut and Coil
  • Terminations and Connectors
  • Custom Molded Connectors
  • Precision Molded Strain Reliefs
  • More…

Delivery and Inventory Flow

  • Planned Lead Times
  • Pull-Based Replenishment
  • Simplified Transactions
  • More…

Custom Built Capabilities

  • Production Process Design
  • Equipment Design and Build
  • Custom Application Testing
  • More…

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