Rugged Wire and Cable Solutions for Wet Environments

Creating cables that are used in the harshest underwater environments is a specialty of Mercury Wire. Our extensive experience includes producing cables for fresh water, sea water, treatment facilities, and sewer systems. A variety of clients have partnered with us to create specialty submersible cables for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater instrumentation, surveillance cameras, communications, towed or moored arrays, robots, cleaners, and push rod video pipeline inspection cables.

Custom submersible cables can combine power and signal within the same construction and are suitable for virtually all marine environments. Our cables can be flexible, resistant to abrasions and chemicals with a proven record of reliability under extended conditions. They can also be designed with controlled buoyancy to optimize performance in certain applications. When specific break or tow strength is required, aramid fibers can be applied as braids, fillers or served shields to achieve required performance.

Engineering design services are particularly important when dealing with challenging underwater applications. Mercury Wire’s team-based organization puts all the right engineering and support resources together to quickly iterate through the design, prototype, verification and validation cycle. And our modular manufacturing facility makes it easy to scale up to meet ongoing demand.

Application Experience

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Submarine Communication
  • Buoyancy Controlled Cables
  • ROV Tethers
  • Pipe and Sewer Inspection
  • Wastewater and Water Analysis

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