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Mercury Wire exclusively develops custom cable and electronic assembly solutions for clients across a variety of industries and markets worldwide. Our highly individualized approach allows us to closely partner with clients in delivering customized solutions that meet even the most stringent application requirements. Through the adoption of lean manufacturing best practices and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, we create value for our clients throughout every stage in the process. From concept validation to the tailoring of dedicated inventory management programs, our goal is to offer our clients the strategic partnership they need to focus on scaling of their business.

The Challenge

Mercury Wire was initially contacted by a leading developer and manufacturer of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems when they experienced significant growth in demand and required additional manufacturing support. The market the client serves demands the manufacturing of products that consistently meet strict quality and performance parameters. Timely delivery of the assembled cable leads used in the manufacturing process was also an essential factor in supporting the client’s continued market expansion.

Understanding both the application and instrumentation requirements was paramount in the design of assembled cable leads that were suitable for their intended use. The cable leads used in the non-invasive medical devices needed to serve multiple functions and therefore required a series of components including power cables, data cables, fiber-optic sensors, control and signal wires, and a series of tubes serving as an integrated cooling mechanism that would assist in cooling the unit and in keeping patients comfortable during the treatment. Equally as important was a clear insight into the organization’s product demand in helping to ensure steady availability of required assembled cable leads supporting the client’s market expansion goals.

Our Solution

Laser CableWe began by carefully understanding and documenting all application requirements and organizational needs to provide our client with the best possible wire and cable solution. Since the client was already sourcing cable leads from other suppliers, a careful review of the current assembly construction was initiated and compared against the application and organizational needs gathered. With the immediate focus on providing the client with the additional cable leads needed to support market expansion, Mercury Wire’s initial engagement included the production of small, wire and cable assemblies, including tubing that circulated fluid used to cool a patient’s skin during treatment as defined within the client’s original cable assembly design. 

Having additional insight into the product’s end-use, Mercury Wire developed a cable prototype, featuring a dual-layer tube that delivered an enhanced cooling system. The new design offered a higher-performing cable lead featuring an outer insulating layer that reduced heat transfer and improved the product’s overall cooling function. The cable lead was further refined and taken to market through collaboration with the client’s engineering and business development teams.

Today, Mercury continues to provide components as well as turn-key cable assemblies for several of the client’s product lines. The assemblies are manufactured in custom-built workcells that are operated by a dedicated team of individuals that manage production levels, quality, and that also oversee the extended global supply chain for the parts and materials used in the manufacturing process.

Solution Highlights

Medical ProfessionalMercury Wire’s highly collaborative approach and solutions-driven culture allowed it to earn the trust of the client in delivering the high-quality, high-performing products their customers expected. Continued improvement of the design and functionality of the cable leads exceeded the flexibility and performance expectations that practitioners demand in treating their patients. Since its first engagement, Mercury Wire has continued to partner with the client on various co-development projects, including several iterations of cable leads that transfer power and light from a base system to a handpiece used during light therapy treatments.  The components manufactured by Mercury Wire are used in the provision of a diverse range of treatments such as hair removal, skin revitalization, and scar reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular lesions.

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