A Fully Integrated Manufacturer

Fully Integrated Partner

When we say we’re a fully integrated manufacturing partner, we mean it! Mercury Wire is positioned to manage every phase of your wire and cable project from concept exploration, prototyping and production through delivery and inventory flow management. Our ability to flexibly align our resources and capabilities to meet your total organizational needs translates into integration you can take to the bank.

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Fast turnarounds and higher quality through lean operations

We work collaboratively in an ultra-responsive, short-run wire manufacturing operation with rapid prototyping capabilities that help get your products to market quickly. Our processes, systems and highly flexible organizational structure allow us to continuously identify, adapt, and implement improvements that increase quality and maximize the value we deliver to you.

Highly flexible and responsive to change

Change is inevitable – how you respond to it, however, can have a lasting impact on the overall success of your business. Working with Mercury Wire means you get a dedicated team, built for you, with all the right resources to deliver the value and speed you require. Our teams work holistically to continually improve all aspects of the value stream- not just the product.

With a dedicated team focused solely on your product, we can flexibly and quickly address changing market and organizational dynamics to best support your unique needs.

Increase cash flow and customer satisfaction through inventory flow management

Stocking-up on inventory can tie up significant amounts of cash that could otherwise be used to support other areas of your business.

At Mercury Wire, our overall offering includes delivery and inventory flow management services that align production with your specific inventory needs to deliver product only when you need it. Our capabilities accommodate same day shipments or periodic releases that are aligned with customer demand. By working together on understanding your inventory needs, we can establish a scalable inventory flow management program that adapts along with your evolving business needs.