Your Custom Cable Solution

Never compromise performance and reliability with off-the-shelf products when you can customize your unique wire and cable solution. 

Providing customers with innovative wire and cable solutions has been our sole mission for more than 50 years. We understand that each solution requires precise alignment with specific application requirements and organizational needs. That’s why our process always begins with a thorough understanding of your unique wire and cable needs. 

Our capabilities extend beyond designing and manufacturing wire and cable and also include the development of custom-tailored programs that help increase the overall health of your business. 

Engineering and Prototyping


Our team of experts is available to collaborate with you on understanding and supporting your specific wire and cable needs throughout every stage of the process. From concept exploration through product validation and application testing, we’re with you every step of the way. Learn more…

    • Concept Exploration
    • Design and Prototyping
    Product Validation and Testing

Fully Integrated Manufacturing


Mercury Wire’s design and manufacturing capabilities utilize a modular and adaptive approach. Our production floor is composed of multiple work cells – each designed to support a specific customer or industry and staffed with highly flexible and dedicated team members that collaborate regularly in helping to ensure that you always receive the highest value product. Learn more…

    • Production Process Design
    • Equipment Design and Build
    • Delivery and Inventory Flow Management 

Value-Added Services


Our value-added services provide convenient solutions for your unique needs. From an array of custom colors from which to choose to the precise marking of your wire and cable, our goal is to offer you valuable solutions for your specific needs. Learn more…

    • Striping and Marking
    • Twisting and Cabling
    • Braiding and Shielding
    • Custom Color Selection
    Assembly Production